Miami County Individual Artist Opportunity Grants

What is an Opportunity

An opportunity may be one of many things – an invitation to exhibit at a credible gallery, to audition for a major dance company, to study with a mentor or renown teacher. It may also be an opportunity to create/complete a new work that advances an artist’s career, develops an experimental/risk-taking project or exposes an artist to new audiences. In any case, it should not duplicate experiences the artists has had in the course of his or her ongoing work, and it must lead to professional growth in the artist’s career in a clear meaningful way. This program does not fund general supplies utilized in the course of normal business. Eligible costs do include the finishing/completion of new works of art for an imminent opportunity.

Allowable Expenses

As an opportunity-based grant, applicants are required to request a specific dollar amount and also articulate how the difference will be made in the event the grant doesn’t cover the entire expense. Appropriate requests would typically fall in the range of $500 - $2000 and grants will not exceed $2000. Funds can be used for the following:
Presentation/Documentation/Portfolio Development
Costs related to producing materials such as slides, catalogs, portfolios, audio/visual recordings, manuscripts, brochures, etc. that is part of an imminent, concrete opportunity or are part of a clear marketing/outreach plan to make materials available for distribution and self-promotion.
Use of other professional services for the presentation or production of new work. Can include professional consultants who help with websites, business plans, marketing plans, etc.
Project-specific expenses for materials or for equipment rental or purchase needed to prepare new work for an exhibition, performance, publication, etc. in which the artist has been invited to participate. Specifications regarding product description, suppliers and cost must be included in the application (be specific and comprehensive).
Travel associated with an imminent, concrete opportunity to preform, exhibit or audition, or for a unique opportunity to study with a significant mentor. Registration fees/attendance at workshops and/or seminars directly related to advancing the applicant’s discipline skills or business expertise, i.e. training in marketing finance or development of marketing materials; research or advanced study/coaching that will enhance the artist’s abilities. Lowest available fares and IRS mileage rate apply. Reasonably priced accommodations are permitted if opportunity is more than 100 miles from home. Fees related to artists residencies related to the development of an artist’s career are permitted.

What is it?

The Miami County Individual Artist Opportunity Grant program is intended to provide financial assistance to Miami County artists to further their careers through professional development opportunities and through opportunities associated with new works.
Artist Opportunity Grants help advance the careers of individual artists by supporting expenses related to specific, unique opportunities that have the potential to significantly impact an artist’s work and professional development. The purpose of these grants is to empower artists at critical stages in their creative lives. The goal is to assist artists in Miami County in furthering and innovating their work, to elevate the quality and raise the profile of individual artistic work in the region, and to help artists achieve their artistic and career goals through the pursuit of new works or professional/career development opportunities in the field, thereby making them competitive in the creative marketplace. Grants are intended to fund an artist’s vision or voice, regardless of the level of his or her artistic career point (emerging, mid-career, mature) or genre. Grants will be awarded between $500 and $2000.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Artist Opportunity Grant Program, applicants must:
• Be a resident of Miami County, Ohio with a valid street address (no PO Boxes)   
 demonstrated by a driver’s license, utility bill, bank statement, voter registration
 document, etc.; and
• Be a United States citizen or a permanent legal resident; and
• Be at least 18 years old; and
• Be a professional artist or creative entrepreneur. This is defined as someone    who:
  o Has specialized training in the field (not limited to academic training;      may be self taught)
  o Is recognized as a “professional” by peers (artists working in the      same discipline); and
  o Has at least a one-year history of public presentation or publications.
  o It should be noted that the word “professional” refers to the nature of     the artist’s commitment, particularly as it is conveyed on the artist’s     resume.


Piqua Arts Council

427 N. Main St. Piqua, OH 45356

2018 - 2019 Timeline

August 1, 2018 – Electronic Application available via
August 2018 – Grant Applications Workshop, date and location TBD. Anyone with an Application login account will receive notification
September 30, 2018 – Application deadline, 11:59pm
November 2018 – Public Grant Panel Meeting, date and time TBD. Applicants will be notified regarding their award status the week following the meeting.
January 2019 – Funding distributed to grantees
December 31, 2019 – Project must be completed.
January 31, 2020 – All Final Reports are due.
February 1, 2020 – Piqua Arts Council issues 1099’s acknowledging the grant as income.